For Those Who Can’t Refuse the Call

“Lung cancer. Inoperable.”

With these words, Walter White from the show Breaking Bad finds his life knocked apart by a cosmic two-by-four.

Before long, the pushover chemistry teacher is all action. He forces a former student to break him into the drug business, cooks his first batch of meth in an R.V., and then — in nothing but his underwear — raises a gun at an approaching police cruiser.

With nothing to lose, Walt jumps in the deep end… and that’s just episode one of sixty-two.

We lean forward and watch because it’s thrilling: what will this ordinary guy do now that he’s against the wall?

Good stuff — as long as we’re not that guy.

Because no one wants to be Walter White. No one likes having their world smashed to pieces by a two-by-four.

Sure, we want to change and grow, but not like that.

In fact, when we see the opportunity to break out of our comfy frameworks, most of us get wobbly.

We’d rather stay in the nest and pretend we’re flying.

When Change Makes a Call …

[A phone ringing]

It’s much easier to just let it ring, (or even worse — go to voicemail) when a call comes in.

C’mon — Breaking Bad, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings — all those epic stories told over and over again are really about someone else.


So when we hear the call to change, we count pros and cons. We procrastinate. Maybe we do some shitty meditation that doesn’t help.

In short, we don’t answer.

Life has a built-in solution for this.

Sometimes, change barges on in.

So what happens then? How do you respond when it does?

Maybe you go ass over teakettle. Or maybe — like Walter White — you strike out at the closest thing, kicking ass and taking names in nothing but your underwear.

Maybe you do what’s necessary because you have no choice and like Cortez, you’re burning your ships for some pre-packaged motivation.

Forced change isn’t bad.

But just letting it happen is a poor substitute for the real thing. It’s nothing next to stepping into the unknown and making a ballsy choice.

Screw pre-packaged.

If you’re an outright renegade — if you can’t not step out and answer the call head-on — then you’re probably what we’re looking for.

If you can’t not do it, then I know what you’re talking about.

Trust us: we’ve been there.

What it Comes Down To

So choosing change is good for you — but like a lot of good things, it can still suck.

The question remains:

Are you up for it?

Do you want to change and move forward? Or do you want to keep doing the same things over and over again?

What if change isn’t just an opportunity you can miss?

What if ‘finding your calling’ is just a fancy way of saying that it’s there when you’re ready for it? What if it’s been there all along.

Sure, change can wear the clever disguise of a problem…

But if the urge to get started is still gnawing at you, you’re probably ready.

Or maybe you’ve refused it.

Pushing beyond fear.

When you know life is calling, refusing that call is easy.

And refusal ultimately boils down to fear — emotional tendrils that wrap around your ego and squeeze the life out of you.

[An octopus?]

Fear comes in many forms. Some are valid.

But it’s no reason to refuse the call.

We at Dare are here to help entrepreneurs willing to face down fear and get started on the Journey.

Think of us as “the mentor,” the straight-taking guide who’s got what you need to get started.

We’ve taken (and we are currently taking another ride) the journey ourselves, and we’ve seen a few things. We’ve come back from it and our goal is to share what we’ve learned with you and your referrals.

Our clients — including some who have been with us for over twenty years — have seen it all. They’ve got stories. And while these aren’t the stories you read about, they sure as hell should be.

We’re all about the stories of normal people — those just like you, who sit back in awe and marvel at what life teaches, if you’re paying attention.

Seeking All Renegades

Do you know anyone who is ready to take the journey?

Someone who can’t not answer the call, who can’t not pursue something aggressively, because it’s part of their nature?

Oh… and someone who has a need for accounts receivable financing?

You don’t have to be Walter White.

But if you’re ready to apply yourself, then give us a call!

Still afraid? Take a cue from Def Leppard and ‘Let it go!’