When New and Old Collide

Mastering two different worlds is no small feat.

Whether that’s going fluent in a second language, launching a start-up while holding down a day job… or building that relationship with some nosy in-laws, breaking new ground while balancing the everyday grind takes more than ambition.

Even if that’s just doing work and home as well as you can, the act takes balance, courage, adaptability. The works.

And when new and old team up on you in a good ol’ cage match, it takes resilience… and the guts to learn a lesson or two while the fists are still flying.

But we do it every day.

We show up, conquer, and hang the hell on.

One bite at a time—and not in one or two Oscar-worthy moments—we master new skills, leave safety for the unknown, and gradually learn what we’re really made of.

That is, we boil and simmer in life’s crockpot… without thinking about what the journey itself really means.

And when we’re back in the safe, regular world, do we dwell on the fact that those around us need our skills, our wisdom and our day-to-day insights like a wagon train needs water?

Evolve, Don’t Settle.

In keeping our lightbulb moments to ourselves, we’re not alone.

Too many movies skip this late stop in the hero’s journey.

Sure, they hook us in with a hero who longs for adventure… but with no intention of leaving the front porch. Think Luke on Planet Tatooine, Bilbo Baggins in the comfy Shire… or even retired has-beens like John Wick, a Russian assassin who’s been out of action for five years.

When the first incident throws our hero out the front door, all of his attention goes to mastering—and surviving—the new, dazzling, and friggin’ dangerous world around him.

By the time Luke’s blowing up the Death Star, he’s light years away from his friends back at the Toshi station.


But while superhero movies end there, with our guy or gal kicking some ass before riding off into the sunset… the stories that really land involve a hero coming back home with new mastery, new knowledge, and insight that blows everyone away.

Coming back for a big finish means the refined hero can move fluidly from new to old. It means they’ve evolved, becoming the best version of someone who can share the treasure they’ve found with the old tribe.

In other words, they’ve crashed through old beliefs like a sledgehammer through drywall.

The mastery is the insight they’ve gained, and the heroic act is integration; bringing that insight, (the ultimate boon) into harmony with the old, humdrum world and changing everything for the better.

If we think about flesh and blood upstarts, outcasts who become heroes in their own right—blind championship runner and nonprofit founder Henry Wanyioke comes to mind, along with motivational speaker Earl Nightingale, one of fifteen marines in Pearl Harbor to leave the USS Arizona alive—there’s a strong element of homecoming.

Discoveries found in a life and death rumble bring scalding insight and can help and inspire millions… once the hero brings them home to share.

Going Back is a Higher Calling

Just as the hero’s culminating act is integrating new mastery with life in the old neighborhood, it’s a high and lofty calling for any entrepreneur to take the treasure of humiliating lessons and bring it back to the teammates of an imperfect business or organization.

But it’s also the only way to survive… at least the only way that we know of!

So how does integrating truth and wisdom into everyday interaction grow your business?

And what does mastering two worlds have to do with Dare Capital?

For one thing, we’ve been there.

Time and time again, we’ve ventured out, learned our lessons, come home bruised… and left old assumptions for ‘Forward’ and ‘Onward.’

What Real Mastery Looks Like

Your journey’s probably not some neat, three-act structure.

But you’ve probably got bumps and bruises… which means you’ve got insight.

Mastering both worlds means bringing what you’ve learned, or rather what you might be learning every day with a two-by-four to the head… back to your company.

That is, back to your tribe.

Real mastery and real balance mean making peace with the ultimate paradox—no guarantees, no safe pasture… and at the same time, saying ‘hell yeah, hold my beer!

Because what else can you do?

Real mastery is being in this world, but not of it.

It’s knowing that the process itself, and not some finish line, is the formula. And as far as formulas for painful growth go, it ain’t a one-and-done deal.

As we know at Dare Capital, the lessons keep on coming.

A Fearless Vision

Our calling is to support entrepreneurs on this journey. Through up and down, old and new, we’re in it to facilitate success.

When we think of bringing wisdom back home, we see it’s about gaining a new perspective—the higher truth that there is nothing to Fear or Gain because all things are One.

Wherever you are, playing your role fearlessly involves seeing what is… and that is what Dare Capital does with the relationships we build over time.

Our core value of Radical Transparency compels us to take this concept to the next level… and deliver key performance metrics via our proprietary technology directly to you.

So, if we see it, you can see it.

And our hope is that you can become the master of both worlds with more seeing and more clarity… and with Dare at your side.

That is, if you’re up for it.

Looking for a guide?

Wherever you are, you’ve got to be true to yourself.

But if you’re dreaming big, stepping up, and sharing your insight, wisdom, and hard-won lessons with those around you, then you might be up for some radical honesty.

You could probably use a trusted guide who isn’t afraid to bet on the long shot.

We’re right here… waiting for you to give us a call!


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