Balance in the Basics

Well, here we are.

With the Fed’s July meeting wrapped up, and with that 75 basis-point-rate hike we all saw coming finally here… the noise about peak inflation, retailer profit warnings, and two quarters of negative growth not necessarily spelling ‘recession’ ain’t surprising.  

On the one hand, there’s optimism; not every storm cloud means a hurricane’s coming. Overcorrection now might mean interest rates easing up as soon as this spring.  

But on the other hand, hard policy error, global wildcards, layoffs rattling the tech sector, and continually rising home prices tell a slightly different story. 

When the word of the day goes from a classy Don’t Panic to Michael Scott screaming when he thinks The Office is on fire…you might be wondering where the whole shebang’s really headed.  

Ohh boy…

Memes of the Day 

If this one rings a bell, then you probably know your memes. It’s an inverted take on a money-printing one from March of 2020.

A Sermon On the Basics

Regardless of how, or how often our leaders rearrange the deck chairs, we can still hit the basics as hard as we can.

Work hard, work well, and find some balance. 

Laugh at the headlines and keep a sharp eye on the story we’re living out with our day to day choices. 

And in the unlikely words of an old Ashton Kutcher speech, we can take our opportunities while being thoughtful. Generous. We can strive for the right goals, dig deep for the right reasons, and remembering how often we’ve been given a hand, we can reach over and help the other guy out. 

To these ends, a short article from Ramp Capital comes to mind. 

It’s title? 

Live, Work, Die: On finding meaning and balance in our work lives 

“Maybe you’re a waiter or work in the service industry. It can be difficult to change someone’s life in a role like that but it just requires a bit more effort and a different mindset. You can make yourself meaningful to customers by having a positive attitude in everything you do. Your positivity will spread and the customers and coworkers will remember your efforts for a long time. Research has shown that strong relationships enhance our sense of meaning in life.”

Perspective much? 

We think so. 

Trust us: when the next earthquake hits, we’re going to need all the balance, perspective, and generosity we can muster.  

All in the Journey 

More than predictions, we’d love to tell you about entrepreneurs we’ve funded. Deals we’ve made. Lessons we’ve learned through every up, down, and sideways you can imagine. 

For the Dare team, balance tilts forward—like that Harley accelerating through a long curve in the road. 

We love the journey, bumps and all. 

Give us a call and we’ll tell you even more about the Dare client experience. 

Ready when you are. 

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