Is the Puddle Half Full?

You’ve probably heard that hope springs eternal. 

But did you know the phrase came from Alexander Pope, a celibate, poetry-scribbling hunchback with lifelong health problems?

Somehow, that figures. As does the fact that he became one of the most frequently quoted English poets of the 18th Century.

I mention Quasimoto because he’s a hell of a reminder that adversity’s a base ingredient for greatness.

If we leap from poetry to soccer, basketball, or even billiards, the same principle applies—pro athletes who cut their teeth in the slums, with hand-me-down shoes and terrible equipment, roll up to the regulation field with a clear advantage. Training with no safety net and nothing to lose gave them skills, instincts, and a blinding drive that no sports clinic ever could.

Think of it this way: where there’s nothing but a silver lining, it might just be the mother lode.

And with the financial world still staggering home from the neighborhood dive bar, we’re all about the silver linings.

Truth is, for all our indicators, we don’t know very much.

But what we see can easily give us hope.

Memes of the Day 

Is the Puddle Really Half Full? 

We think so.

If you ignore Russia-Ukraine, the stock markets, and a Zombie-like Railroad Strike that just won’t die, you’d be surprised.

For one thing, unemployment’s still low.

For another, market downturns open opportunities for those just learning the ropes. It’s true that post-pandemic regulators have tightened up lending rules, and that bank referrals have gone down, down, down…but in the words of Warren Buffet, that means more stocks and lending opportunities will be going into the hands of people they should be in.

So, if you’re looking to buy up affordable stocks and assets for the long haul, game on. And as far as long-term investing goes, whiz investor Howard Marks reminds us that there’s no backing down.

His word from a July interview with Bloomberg sounds pretty good to us:

Keep looking, stay positive, and strive to be fully invested. 


Further and Onward 

When the news tells us the sky is falling, we have our fun with it.

​​​But at Dare Capital, the puddle’s always half full.

With the stories we’ve seen of people coming from nothing, of entrepreneurs getting sharper and stronger through their battles in the cave, how could it not be?

If you’re looking for a working capital loan to launch your company, you should probably give us a call…and listen up when we tell you about the Dare client experience that goes further and onward.

Until next time,

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