Boarding Passes for the New Year

Here’s hoping you weren’t stuck in an airport between Christmas and New Year’s Day. With any luck, the punishing snowstorms that covered whole cities and made Tesla’s un-chargeable left your travels, your family time, and any holiday revelry well enough alone.

Still, what a finale.

Leave it to the weather gods to cap off a year of war, movie-plot worthy coverage bias, and recurring financial implosion by melting down—or in this case, freeze drying—our air travel.

As they say in Portland, when it rains, it pours.

New Year Memes of the Day


A New Year’s Chiseling

Our two cents?

Forget the New Year resolutions…or don’t. If change is worth making, then go ahead and make it—and while you’re at it, beat resistance to a pulp. Nothing should stop you from building newer, stronger habits that chisel away at your untapped potential.

But whatever you do, keep showing up. Even if it hurts.

Don’t go into January thinking nasty weather or recession rumblings are any reason to quit stepping up to the plate. To our way of thinking, and with hundreds of stories involving entrepreneurs, deals, and white label funding under our belt, Joseph Campbell says it best.

“The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come.”

And there’s no way around it.

Showing up for each step of the journey—the one Campbell traced from ancient mythology to the novels, movies, and dramas we consume today—is what takes our skin off.

So when it’s freezing outside and even when the airports are crowded… we say ‘how’s about that boarding pass?’

How Dare Does It 

Getting entrepreneurs, the funding they need to start their journey means taking the journey ourselves.

It means savoring the thrill of starting out, testing everything we see with hard data, and of course, catching our breath and then getting back up after the sucker punch lands.

The lessons we learn, for both us and the clients we guide to the finish line, are well worth it.

And we’re open for business.

So take heart this New Year…and if working capital with radical transparency sounds good to you, let us tell you more about the Dare client experience.