When the Bill Comes Due

Technology is such a tease.

Just when crypto’s latest Chernobyl impression couldn’t get any better, Bitcoin rallies into the New Year.

Virtual Reality promises the Moon, (or Iceland, or Bali beachfront, depending on your mood)…but then Meta lines up with Tesla, Salesforce, and Amazon for its own round of layoffs.

Working from home throws small towns in Colorado, Idaho, and Tennessee into a growing frenzy…right in time for downed power lines, flooding, and a winter storm that only Mr. Freeze from Batman could have dreamed up.

Buyer’s remorse anyone?

The ‘Tech Wreck’ cuts valuations down to size…but then ChatGPT steps up and makes college essays obsolete.

Not gonna lie—I’ve already tried ChatGPT and I enjoyed the conversation.

All the same, when the bills of life come due, the latest tech promises, (or should we say ‘disruptions’) are starting to look like smudged, hand scribbled IOUs. With prices rising, and with banks and big lenders still clearing deals off their books, what’s next?

Memes of the Day

​​When the Bill Comes Due

…and when he sees that answering the call means having to pay that bill, the hero debates.

Nothing wrong with that.

When Obi Wan asks Luke to come with him to Aldeeran to help the Rebellion, and when Luke murmurs: ‘I can’t get involved… I have work to do,’ mentor and hero are both moving down well-worn grooves.

Lest we forget, Luke is right about one thing—leaving Tatooine will come at a heavy cost. In the immediate future, his life (not to mention the life of his Aunt, Uncle, and mentor) won’t get better. But like or not, that’s necessary; it’s the next ingredient in the recipe.

Of course, we know that.

We know staying at home, phoning in his day job, and complaining about how technology hasn’t delivered on its promise to make life better has nothing on Luke’s inner potential…and in so many words, our own.

When Luke first sees the Millenium Falcon, he goes: ‘What a piece of junk!’

But in a move that’s really for his own good, he gets inside.

Good for us and countless others if we take that ride in a clunky spacecraft. If we stick to our principles, pay what we owe, and then venture out into the next blizzard without flinching…there’s nowhere to go but up.

Or as I like to put it, further and onward.

All in the Journey

When the bill comes due, will we keep debating?

Or will we say goodbye to fantasyland and finally hit the road?

Believe me, the times will stay interesting—but if you’ve got something that needs doing, there’s no better time for it. And if you’re looking for a guide who knows a thing or two about working capital for growing companies, give the Dare team a call.

We’d love to tell you more about the Dare client experience.

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