We all dig freedom.

But do we understand what it really means?

Sure, talking heads and politicians all pound the drum about it. Freedom of choice, freedom to exercise individual rights, freedom to look inside and express ourselves—with another round of DEI training, of course.

But when freedom means someone’s getting picked last for dodgeball (or not at all), people change their tune.

Put another way, freedom’s a complete meal. We know it’s healthy, but any reason to leave the table and not finish our brussel sprouts is good enough. Might I point out that unfair results, painful lessons, and the responsibility of facing and owning our mistakes are all in the recipe?

Memes of the day

Freedom Isn’t Coddling 

Lest we forget that, the authors of the Rational Walk serve up a great analogy. In their article ‘Fragile Capitalism, ‘they compare our government’s emergency lending scheme for recently failed banks to the exhausted Mom who finally gives her screaming child what he wants from the candy aisle.

“OK, calm down… and here you go. But this is the very last time!”


As the old parenting saying goes, ‘pay me now (as in coddle your kid so he stops screaming in the moment) or pay me later.’

Without facing the rough and tumble head on, there’s no freedom in a meaningful sense… or if there is, then clock’s ticking. Won’t be long before that tantrum prone kid (or bank) sees another chance to run their favorite play.


Back in the lending world, (or wherever adults do business), real freedom means putting your skin in the game. It means facing the beautiful, heroic journey with the expectation that painful lessons won’t land fairly.

But letting that journey do its sharpening is a splendid thing. If you’re willing to learn, willing to risk big mistakes with no bailout, well… you’re lightyears beyond the rest.

You could use a partner all right.

But not that parent with the coddled kid.

Partner with Dare 

Just like freedom, we don’t take partnership lightly.

We offer White Label Back Room Services for Factoring, that combine your vision with our resources—experience, underwriting, operational excellence, and a fifty-fifty split in risks and rewards.

We don’t coddle anyone because when we say we’re in, we mean all in.

Our resources and flexibility give you leverage, and the freedom to succeed with a bold creation… or not. Either way, we’re ready if you are, because lessons, responsibility, and surprises (good and bad) are all in the journey.

You don’t taste excellence without paying the price of admission.

Give us a call and let us tell you about our White Label back room service.

Until next time,


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