The Boston Beer Party

Are you ready?

Here’s my honest take on Bud Lite, go woke go broke, and what future historians will probably call the Boston Beer Party.

As much as nine to five, AR packing, middle America types, memes and rage like no one else, they rarely win.

Don’t get me wrong. Watching Anheuser-Busch lose four billion in market cap for not understanding its own customers delivers a kind of ‘justice served’ feeling. Not saying there’s no win there… but need I point out that every major beer company has been on the same inclusivity-themed wagon for some time?

Here’s the deal.

Rightful outrage over having someone’s bizarre lifestyle pushed on you, (if they’re not pushing, then it’s their business and who cares?) is as freedom-loving as it gets. But if said outrage doesn’t translate to winning—winning elections, court battles, in corporate boardrooms, and for small businesses in regulation-hungry Texas, winning in the state legislature—then what does it accomplish?

For every dude shooting woke beer cans, there’s still a thousand dudes stuck in DEI training… on threat of getting fired.

Fact is, the culture wars aren’t happening in one dimension. If they were, then stacking wins would be a lot easier.

Factoring and Beer Memes of the day

Mr. Smith Goes to Austin 

If I’m raining on your Bud Lite-backlash parade, it’s for a good reason. As you probably know, Texas (not California, not New York, but like both of those places) just introduced legislation to regulate Factoring transactions. If you like fine print, here’s the particulars on House Bill 4359.

If you know what those particulars mean—namely, that lumping Factors in with MCA’s and mandating impossible disclosures will hurt the Factoring market for everyone—then like me, you’re good and angry.

Maybe angry enough to go to the state legislature and get vocal about it, just like I did. As president of the AFA, you might say I’m duty-bound to do that. When my freedom to do business, and to get another small business the working capital that it won’t find anywhere else is at stake, I’m taking my cue from one Vince Lombardi.

“Winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.”

Where I normally pivot to the Hero’s Journey, I’ll sound the alarm with a good old call to action.

If you’re in Texas, call your legislator. Email. Show up in person. Tell everyone that CA, New York, and now Texas regulators know as much about factoring, and the trust, relationships, and people involved as Bud Light’s new marketing VP knows about her customer base

If nothing else, that oughta do it.

Looking for White Label? 

We’ve got it.

Speaking of winning, Dare’s White Label Back Room Services gives you the resources you need to launch your investment vision. We partner with you in a fifty-fifty split in risks and rewards. Along with our own underwriting, experience, and operational excellence, that kind of partnership isn’t something you won’t find around the corner.

In Latin, ‘credit’ means ‘to believe.’ With that in mind, we build a relationship. When a partner says ‘I’m all in’ we believe them.

From there, the journey begins—a good one, and not for the faint of heart.

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Until next time,