Breathe In, Breathe Out

The fight or flight instinct can save your life.

But short of skydiving, or finding yourself in the warpath of a cocaine-ingesting bear, daily adrenaline is no bread and butter. In the wrong situations, (that is, and if you’re not buying crypto or swapping NFT’s for a living, most of them) fear tilting on panic distorts reality. 

En masse, and with that fear amplified over flickering phone screens and none too many ‘experts,’ we get nationwide lockdowns. Panic buying. Bank runs. Outrageous bailouts.

Fed rate hikes, and surprise—recessions.  

Slapdash regulations that do more harm than good. 

Experts warning that AI is nothing less than Skynet. 

Worst of all, and not to put the nightly news out of business, dwelling on fear and panic means that our bodies remember it. 

To that, and remembering that having legit things to worry about doesn’t mean worrying nonstop, I’ve got one word.


Memes of the day

Breathe In, Breathe Out

In his bestselling book Breath, science journalist James Nestor talks us down from the daily, hourly ledge—more or less literally—by reminding us how to breathe.

As if it’s not telling enough that we’ve forgotten how, Nestor charts the benefits of slow, conscious nasal breathing on a daily basis: 

More oxygen.

More nitric oxide.

Lower blood pressure.

Healthy HRV (heart rate variability).

Boosted lung capacity Over time, better sleep, lower anxiety, greater overall health… and lest we forget, a more grounded, contemplative posture for what’s next in the Hero’s Journey.

Still Reading? Go On and Try It.  

For the perfect breath, breathe through your nose. 

Inhale: five and half seconds in. 

Exhale: five and half seconds out. 

Stripped down and simple. 

And if you’ve got five or fifteen minutes, check out James Nestor’s short videos on how to improve your breathing.

Breathing Through it

Now that we’re breathing, here’s a quick thought on the fearful stuff. 

The banking crisis may very well be a gathering storm cloud. But even if it is, then that’s no reason to scream and run for cover. Fact is, it’s rained before. Sometimes, there’s wind, thunder, tornados, and a poor cow flying over the windshield

Scary, sure…but nothing new. 

Meanwhile, the hero’s journey rolls onward. Heading into the cave and fighting monsters means facing nothing less than ourselves. It might mean resetting what we believe; losing the old, shedding the past, and focusing on the future. Whether it’s AI, a recession, or the dollar losing value, fear is universal. But deep breathing isn’t. Whatever happens, what if the only thing we can do is breathe through it? 

“It’s not that you’re not doing it right, it’s that you don’t know how to do it at all.” 

-Jed McKenna

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