Really, Elon?

Bear with me. 

I rarely take umbrage with successful entrepreneurs. If they’ve made a name for themselves with killer EV’s, better and cheaper rockets than NASA, and hauling a kitchen sink through the Twitter lobby, then hey…more power to ‘em. 

But when Elon Musk throws up a ridiculously dumb clay pigeon, you best believe I’m taking aim. 

If you haven’t heard, he recently labeled working from home as ‘morally wrong.’ Not unproductive. Not isolating or distracting. Not filled with its own risks and advantages —no, immoral. If you work from home, I quote, then you’re “living in La-la land” and you need to “get off your high horse.”              

I see. 

So apparently, once we’ve colonized Mars and uploaded our memories to the digital world, the cubicle is our final destination.       

Really, Elon? 

To the claim that working on my kitchen table-laptop is immoral because the poor schmucks clocking in at the Tesla factory can’t, I’ve got one word in response. 

Rhymes with FULL of IT.    

Memes of the day

On Working from Home

If you’re a big bank with tanking CRE investments, Elon’s verdict is music to your ears. But if you’re one of those who put in thirty-five to fifty hours with no commute, better productivity, and a work-life balance that was previously unthinkable, well… guess you’re living on borrowed time.

For the record, Dare’s office is 100% virtual. We call Austin home, and we do just fine with employees in five states and three different time zones. Fact is, our business has grown, our culture has thrived, and our people love it. 

Not for everyone. But for us, the results speak for themselves. 

So which one is it? 

Are we high-horse SOB’s for not coming in to drink from the same water cooler? 

Or is Mr. Elon reaching on this… and sounding a little desperate?                                                 

I’ll let you be the judge. 

While you’re at it, you can check out what Jason Fried, the work from home godfather, has to say. Like anything else, there’s pros for every con, and a whole science to doing it well. 

Suffice it to say, we trust each other enough to get the job done—without having to come in and watch each other do it. 

When we take our clients on the journey, that trust only multiplies.

Why Go White Label?

That one’s a no brainer. Our White Label Back Room Service gives you the freedom you’ve been looking for.  

For brokers, a switch to BRS means:

-Greater income (think a lot more)

-Owning assets, not chasing commissions    

-Zero investment down 

-No personal liability

-Fifty-fifty split on risks and profits  

And hey, if you dig the freedom of working from home, then you might as well invest like it. Partnering with Dare gives you the flexibility you need to amplify your vision.

So don’t be shy—give us a call.            

Until next time,

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