Indiana Jones and Fourth Quarter Credit Event


If you’re worried about the next credit event, bear with me. 

Bleak circumstances and impossible odds are often sometimes what we need. 

Need proof? Think of the fact that every iconic movie has a crazy story behind it. Touchstone classics like ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ are among the craziest. Not to spoil anyone’s movie magic, but the production story behind Spielberg’s hit saga is simply buck wild. 

Here’s some ‘Raider’ facts: 

-Released in 1981, when the film industry was in decline. 

-No studio wanted to make it. 

-Shot in 85 days with limited equipment, forcing Spielberg to do three takes instead of thirty. 

-Shot with eighty percent of the script ready.

-Tom Selleck cast for Indy, but he was locked into ‘Magnum P.I.’ when it became a TV series. Twelve more actors considered before the role went to Harrison Ford. 

-Scenes in Tunisia shot in 130 degree heat. 

-Cast and crew, including Ford, got amoebic dysentery from eating local food. Spielberg avoided it by bringing his own Spaghetti-O’s. 

-Due to heat, illness, and the incomplete script, actors improvised. 

-Not enough snakes for the Well of Souls scene.

-Not enough anti-venom. 


Memes of the day

Will We See Another Credit Event? 


Considering CRE, hermetically sealed banks and everything else, that would not surprise—and it’s no wonder consumer sentiment is lagging. Put another way,  if you’re already running through a Peruvian temple with poison darts flying, a rumbling, twenty-foot boulder shouldn’t catch you off guard. 

But who knows? 

What about inflation? 

What’s the Fed gonna do? 

What’s the housing market gonna do? 

I keep thinking about the fact that our financial questions sound a lot like what people were asking in the late seventies, right about the time Lucas and Speilberg were scrambling to get their B movie made. There’s nothing wrong with seeing what you see and preparing for catastrophe—but the fact that our economy (like so many low-budget movies) rebounded should tell us something. 

Assuming we still have free markets, rule of law, and a speck of cooperation, our economy will be growing in five or ten years. 

Asset classes that perform will keep doing their thing. 

Risk, relationships, and solid, honest work will still pay dividends.  

And perhaps the time spent in no man’s land (that is, in the Covid – turmoil – credit event cave) will have done its work, helping us shed old beliefs in much-awaited apotheosis

Spoiler Alert

The story doesn’t end there. 

Having mastered two worlds, the hero’s journey takes a turn Luke, Indy, or even John Wick never see coming: they must take their new powers back to the humdrum village, (or in Indy’s case, the capable hands of the U.S. government) where everyday people need them. 

One last movie tidbit. For all the low budget, missing equipment, illness, and snake problems, Speilberg said that ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ was one of the easiest films he ever made. That perspective, and the fact that ‘Raiders’ would go on to delight billions says something about restriction—hard limits that painfully, brutally trim our goals into something others need.  

I’m not saying every calamity spawns a movie franchise. But I will suggest that conflict, headache, and even (worst case) long-coming recessions have their role to play. 


All in the Journey

Whatever the headline is, Dare Capital will be there, learning lessons and getting small businesses the capital they need. 

If you agree that the hero’s journey is a real, sharpening thing, then more freedom (and more responsibility) is probably up your alley. 

Same with us. 

That’s why we offer Back Room Service for White Label investors.

Partnering with us means:

-Greater income (a lot more)

-Owning assets instead of commissions    

-Zero investment down 

-No personal liability

-Fifty-fifty split on risks and profits  

Sound good? 

Give us a call and let’s talk about it.  

Until next time,

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