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How To Rescue Your Rationality
Stop the pandemic doom spiral
Are you rational? Oh, sure, Cole, I can hear you saying. I’m very rational. I’ve been inside since March, my kids and I have been waging a bandwidth battle that I am losing, I’ve moved beyond the entire concept of “pants”, and oh yeah, there’s a pandemic that’s threatening my elderly relatives. This is fine. I am fine and very rational.  I get it. My kids are fortunately too grown to require my homeschooling assistance (which is good, because unless they want to learn to calculate...
The Great Quarantine Reset of 2020
Technology needs to be demoted.
We have evolved technologically, but our emotional intelligence hasn’t kept up. We aren’t built for news alerts and social media notifications every 15 minutes. Our coping mechanisms aren’t built for doomscrolling.
Fintech has been tested, and fintech flunked. Let’s try fintouch.

It’s very old fashioned of me, but I try to make our lending and funding decisions with the outcome for the customer in mind
How to fix a broken company
It's easier - and harder - than it looks
For this company, there was a happy ending.
In a crisis, leaders must take care of themselves first
For business owners, it's even more critical to nurture mind, body, and spirit amidst a pandemic
You may never get COVID-19, but you could get something else: burnout. Business owners, leaders, and startup founders need to take care of themselves first; here's a few ideas.
They were the ideal client, until they made one little mistake...
A staffing firm gets hacked - and faces disaster
In five years, the only issue they’ve had was not due to bad management, or bad fundamentals, or a sinking business - it was just one wrong click.
Dare To Give
Do you believe in people?
What makes you believe in people?I know, that’s a big question. But it came up a lot when I was “birthing” Dare Capital, thinking about the decades I’ve spent providing working capital to all kinds of business. It kept coming up as I talked to Debra Zukonik, my partner here at Dare Capital - and the best damn credit officer you’ll find in this business.Debra knows financials; that’s where she started in this business. But the financials only tell you probabilities, and people contain possib...
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